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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NYC eerily enveloped

Spatial orientation test for this morning's commute. On the ferry not being able to see land became a little disconcerting.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I think I want the shower curtain dude.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Circus of Dreams at Bizarre

Last week my fiancée says to me, "My co worker is doing a show. I really want to go". I being the support pillar that I am say, "sure". She never wants to go to a show and if she is excited to go then all the better. Then she states that her co worker is doing a performance art piece by sewing her lips shut. ??? What the hell did I just agree to?

Last night was the night and I knew I was in for a treat.  Not because of the host dressed in a tattered clown costume, nor the Absinthe chilled on the bar.  No No No.  I knew it was a special night because of the elderly gentleman in the corner straddling the chair with nothing but shoes and a smile.  AND the largest coin purse I have ever seen. 

Welcome to the Circus of Dreams. A performance art show held every other Wednesday in Bushwick. Last night was:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

F Yeah!!

Get ready NYC! Dick is almost here. Better get your tickets.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Conversation I over heard tonight

...."not for nothing but your mother is pretty weird.

Yeah my parents were always strange like that. I never wanted to spend a whole Christmas at Troy's. But it never felt like Christmas. You know?

I didn't want to sound like a dick but it didn't feel like Christmas.

My mom it's still like weird. Like present under a tree thing. "

Are we now completely in the age of divorced children?

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Taste of DC

Is the President giving a speech? No it's just salted caramel cup cakes and ribs. Not to mention BEER!

Selfish man?

Since late High School and through out college I have heard about the book Atlas Shrugged. Written by Ayn Rand and how it is a darling book of modern Right Wing conservatism. With me being the sensible open minded liberal that I am immediately discount it as nonsense. Makes sense right? Why attempt to read/understand something I already know to be wrong? Never mind that I have no idea what the book is about. And it is LONG. No no I'd much rather finish off Harry Potter than be bothered.
Fast forward a few years and I finally start to get a sense of the story albeit through liberal talk radio or left leaning pundits on TV. Now at 33 I just finished what I have had access to in my library to since I was 22. I can now honestly say that was a long winded, proselytizing, kind dry book. But I am not sure if I have read the same book as everyone else.
Sure the idea of selfishness is seen as virtue, there is an aspect of looking down on people less fortunate than yourself, and a large degree of generalization but most books do the same. In the end I, again the liberal, empathize with the heroes of the book. Almost even look up to them. Doesn't sound wrong because the reader is supposed to root for the protagonist. But from what I have heard I thought it was going to be unrelated to how I think or see the world. It wasn't. If anything it is probably a truer description of me than most left things I have read.
What is going on with me? Have I become a yuppie? Am I not "down" anymore? Realistically I don't truly care. I find myself relating to business and not the Occupiers. And I think that is what kinda scares me. However in the end I know I want money. I want to be driven towards better things. I want to "make it" in this world.

Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25th

HAPPY TOWEL DAY to everyone!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brief snippet of These United States

videoThey aren't that bad. They are supplanted by Trampled by Turtles members too. Not bad

Friday, April 13, 2012

Next time my dog is scared of thunder I am singing this song

Check out this video on YouTube:


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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Winter Break

Haven't done this one in awhile. Vermont snowboard trip. Three fun filled days at Stowe. Don't think I have ever been there before but I don't think I will ever go anywhere else (in the Northeast at least). Well, until I revisit the other mountains again.

I hear they renovated a few years ago and this looks NICE at Spruce Peak. Free lockers, decent food at a price, and good runs. Maybe one day I will shell out the money to actually stay at the mountain especially since staying a few miles down the road might become a 40 mile trip when they close the main road and you don't know.

Plus side is I now know where the Dunkin' Doughnuts. Oh and the Movie Theater too.

Seems they close the road for the season. I didn't understand why because from my prospective in Brooklyn there has been no season to speak of. Saturday night portions of Vermont got 2 feet the night before I got there. While there, almost another foot dropped too. Sounds like a lot but I gave serious thought to removing a layer while on the mountain. The weather (after the storms) was super nice (for a trip that relied on winter temperatures and snow). I wasn't about to run around in my shorts or anything but some of my pale skinned vacationers were breaking out the Bermuda shorts.

All kidding aside the view from the top is great. And there is nothing like gliding on fresh powder through the clouds. I hope to get another run in before the seasons out but I pray for great conditions again. Otherwise the West is calling my name next year.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

New Year, Same Me

2012. End of the world year. (Again? Someone should really check on that date.) Another year older, yes. Wiser, ....jury is still out on that one. Pretty sure I haven't mentioned it but last year at this time I was in a diet competition. After trailing behind for most of the time, I did end up winning it by roughly 2lbs. All told I lost 27lbs in three months. Went down a couple pant sizes and had to get rid of a lot of things in my closet. Actually writing that out would make me feel real good except for that fact that was a year ago. As of now I have gained most of that weight back.

What happened? That's easy. I got complacent. Burger here, pizza there, skip a few work outs and BLAM. Next thing you know a button on your pants just shot across the room. I am not even going to pretend that losing this will be my new years resolution. I am tired of that. It feels like that would be just a fad at best. A flight of fancy at worst. I would love to just jump back on and take things slow but over the next few weeks there are birthdays, visiting out of towners, baby showers (not mine), and weddings (not mine). A quick competition is one thing but how can you compete with life?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Yeah I can get used to this

Coco Loco

This thing better give me wings or I'm a be pissed off.

Maybe everyone needs a break

videoVacay time. About time. It's been awhile since my girlfriend and I have taken some time out to relax. Well, maybe this coffee isn't ideal for relaxing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Walking to the train this morning and just happened to notice a peculiar episode. Peculiar is perhaps not the right word for some but to me it's the first time I had seen this. Well outside of a movie which is usually the start of a plot introducing a serial killer. Anyway walking to the train and I see a young lady crossing the street. Not out of the ordinary but her outfit for this hot day swung somewhere between attractive and "God damn her ass is hanging out". You know classy. Before I had a chance to notice if the rug matched the drapes a small freight truck with two men in it ran a Stop sign to pull up next to her and engage in what I imagine to be a politically robust debate. What does one really say in that situation that seems appropriate? Whatever it was it worked. 1 minute convo and she is climbing into the truck. Maybe it was the heat that got to her. Maybe it was a REALLY great pick up line. I am probably over thinking this but if a girl with dyed blonde hair last seen wearing a belt as a pair of shorts, white bra and red shirt (hmm now how could I have known it was a white bra from a block away) goes missing then she was last seen getting into a freight truck on North 5th and Berry.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So close, so far

It's spring time (slightly), gonna be 50 degrees today, leaves are returning to the trees, I wake up to a beautiful woman every morning and in my own home.  What can be better?  Oh yeah, I could have also lost 20lbs weight since January.  HELL YEAH!!  What could be worse?  I am only in second place for my competition with less than a week left.  Booo.

You know what the first thing I am going to do after this thing is over?  I am going to go out a buy two bacon cheeseburgers and a bag of fries from 5 Guys and hopefully pass out from delicious grease.  Well maybe not two.  Well maybe not two at the same time but I will definitely be having that burger.  Afterward, I will enjoy a healthy salad for dinner.  I still got at least another 15 to lose but I am a little over half to where I want to be.  Then we will see if we can develop some muscle on these arms.

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year, New Start, Old Problem

11:00 Monday morning- start of "the biggest loser" competition at work. Rules gone over, weigh in started.
204 lbs. Wow. I know the scale is off a little but not by much. I am officially back at my original starting point. Just call me Oprah.
11:20 Monday morning- starting to crave a Pepsi. Starting to think joining this competition is a mistake. Am I really this weak?

In all seriousness how much of a waste was last year? I spent months trying to drop 2 stones just to gain it all back. Beer is the enemy. Or maybe the frenemy. That's the word the kids are using these days right?