New Year, Same Me

2012. End of the world year. (Again? Someone should really check on that date.) Another year older, yes. Wiser, ....jury is still out on that one. Pretty sure I haven't mentioned it but last year at this time I was in a diet competition. After trailing behind for most of the time, I did end up winning it by roughly 2lbs. All told I lost 27lbs in three months. Went down a couple pant sizes and had to get rid of a lot of things in my closet. Actually writing that out would make me feel real good except for that fact that was a year ago. As of now I have gained most of that weight back.

What happened? That's easy. I got complacent. Burger here, pizza there, skip a few work outs and BLAM. Next thing you know a button on your pants just shot across the room. I am not even going to pretend that losing this will be my new years resolution. I am tired of that. It feels like that would be just a fad at best. A flight of fancy at worst. I would love to just jump back on and take things slow but over the next few weeks there are birthdays, visiting out of towners, baby showers (not mine), and weddings (not mine). A quick competition is one thing but how can you compete with life?