Circus of Dreams at Bizarre

Last week my fiancée says to me, "My co worker is doing a show. I really want to go". I being the support pillar that I am say, "sure". She never wants to go to a show and if she is excited to go then all the better. Then she states that her co worker is doing a performance art piece by sewing her lips shut. ??? What the hell did I just agree to?

Last night was the night and I knew I was in for a treat.  Not because of the host dressed in a tattered clown costume, nor the Absinthe chilled on the bar.  No No No.  I knew it was a special night because of the elderly gentleman in the corner straddling the chair with nothing but shoes and a smile.  AND the largest coin purse I have ever seen. 

Welcome to the Circus of Dreams. A performance art show held every other Wednesday in Bushwick. Last night was: