Dreaming Reality

As the sol rises I awake to the sight of urban decay
So, again, I close my eyes to try and make a better day
The sights I see are better than what I seen but not close to what I sought
Now I think ideas of what I thunk but could not the best of what I thought
Hopeful for more, yet imagine what I saw
The kids outside play and laugh as the sol lazily pasts its zenith
It occurs to me that their act gives life to it's dictionary meaning
For the adults, wax only drips from one side of the burning candle
They are pleased with themselves and never take more than they should handle
No stress No tension At work and leisure
They all find comfort in life's simple pleasures
Not cause they are simple but they really know no better
As the sol slowly fades and gives way to the evening
I open my eyes and wept because I realize I was dreaming
Before I can look on the odd visions and figure what they meant
Reality sets in
Dreams are gone

And I can't remember what I dreamt