October is almost over. That means my birthday has been over for a little while now. I have to say that this year my girlfriend really made me happy. I owe her a huge christmas gift. This years celebration was good. Good is not the most accurate word. Tasty or delicious is better. I have been wanting to go to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem for a few months but never had enough time. For my birthday my girlfriend surprised me for a birthday dinner. What a surprise! Did I mention I owe her a huge christmas gift. The food was the best BBQ that I have had in the city so far. You have to give it a try.

I am going to skip over the juicy bits because I can't accurately describe at this point how the food tasted. Succulent, sweet, tasty, is what comes to mind. (Corn bread was much to be desired though.) However I will say this, tears came to my eyes. Not full on crying tears mind you but wet with joy. It had good old school music playing. All of the tables looked like picnic tables. They served good beer not just the cheap stuff. The crowd was lively and/or drunk. And then the food. I was tempted by the "Big Ass Pork" dish but it had to try the combination plate.
Now I have told a lot of people this story for the last couple of weeks and I have started to realize what I enjoyed most about this place. It reminded me of the times my family used to go to the old school picnics before my dad past away. There we had good food, laughs, good music. In general a all around good time. I forgot how much I missed that This place left me with a good feeling.

Another year has gone by. Nowadays I don't often get a chance to just enjoy good times as often as I did. What is it about growing up that makes us forget about just enjoying/making the good times. I spend my weekends just trying to catch up with life and of course it never happens that way. I usually spend it sleeping in, putting away mail, doing laundry, lying in front of the TV, or even having a few drinks because the day ended with a Y. Now these things are good for unwinding but what the hell am I doing with the rest of my time that leaves me only able to do chores on the weekend. Sad part is that I really could not tell you.