Ready to vote?

The midterm elections are coming up and with all of the talk about who endorsed what and who slept with whom I guess I should comment on it somewhat. Just to give you some background I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I can see ideas on both sides that do merit some exploration. Since I live in New York City I am all for security, however not at the expense of my privacy or liberties. I am conservative in some things but liberal in others. So once the website is up and running some of the projects/art will be a commentary/vision based upon my views of the world at that time. Not just political but also social as well.

With that said, in the last month or so I have been bombarded by ads, slogans, and pamphlets that say vote this way or that way. That the other person did this or did that, was for or against Iraq, slept with boys, slept with dogs or tried to have her husband bugged. After all of this they then ask me for my vote because they are representing themselves as the better choice. Which implies that they are the better person, however, by campaigning in this fashion only fails at supporting their argument. I can honestly not tell you any candidate’s views on the environment, big business, little business, education, health or what their plans are for making things better for the voters as a whole. I am sure that some place some where provides their talking points but it is THEIR talking points. They have to portray themselves in this fashion or no one will look at them (unless they sling mud). They have to lie to me if they want to get my vote.

If lying to me is the basis for getting into power than its no surprise when problems occur down the line. I want to vote for someone not because they are part of one party or another but because they are the best choice. Lately I feel we don't have too many of those. Most of my life I only see candidates that want to be chosen because they want the spotlight. A lot of them don't have any real issues because focus groups tell their campaign managers what they should talk on. I don't see any real leaders that are a clear cut above the rest. Maybe I am just being idealist but wouldn't it be nice to actually look up to someone who is in charge and not think "At least they are not having sex with the help, or steal from the county treasury, or abuse power." Sad thing is you probably think they are but smile and clap because at least they are not blatant about it.

Update: I wrote this originally walking out the door. Sorry for the grammar mistakes. Stream of thought and all that.