Shuffled with the Lost

The other day someone asked me, “What are you trying to do with a website? “Why put in the time and energy?” My answer, “Because everyone else is doing it”. Half joking but the real answers are:

  • Motivation from laziness
  • I miss creating things
  • Learn new things
  • Rememberance
  • Guidance
  • Tired of just talking about doing something
  • Jealous of watching my friends accomplish things

And a whole host of other reasons for why anyone does anything. However, mostly I want to do the site because I am jealous of my friends. Sounds strange, but that is my main reason.

I am not bitter or anything. (Bastards!!) I am proud of the degenerates because they are mostly doing things that they really want to do. And if they are not doing it then they are happy at their level or working toward their goal. They have/had an idea in mind and that is what they are working/worked toward. Me? I was content with watching the idiot box for a long time until one day I realized that looking backward or forward I can’t really see anything beyond the next fall schedule. It is kind of like that deer in the headlights thing. Something is wrong but what can you do. You just realize you are being shuffled with the lost. You are just another person being packed into the train, or the highway, in the morning hoping to clean out your desks in bin by the end of the day while praying that that cute girl with the adam’s apple really just has a roll of quarters in her pocket.

Last year in a moment of inebriated clarity someone mentioned creating a blog. (I laughed because blog is a funny word. C’mon say it.) But why not? That is, basically, how AnotherWhen was born. That and the idea that life would be so much better if you won the lottery. A few drinks and a few drunks will come up with solutions to just about anything.

The idea was interesting. Create a place to express myself and perhaps maybe get a better sense of direction as to what is in the future. But allow room for more than just words. I would want to show more that just a log. I wanted to show not only thoughts, but random ideas, projects and also promote things that my friends are working on.

So the blog became a site and the site became an obsession. I had to make it perfect. Seriously, I would ride the train and take notes about new layouts or formats. Mind you I barley know how to the internet works. I designed, built, scrapped and redesigned until finally I realized I just need to get something out there. Nothing is perfect. You just need to have an idea and a starting point. That will would force you to create something for right now and then make changes as it develops. For me, I will be making updates as I complete sections so sorry for the “Coming soon” crap. If it still says “Coming soon” while you are reading this than please feel free to search for whatever it was you were looking for when you accidentally found this. Here let me help. You might like this great porn site I found here or shop online here. Just come back when you are done.