Slow Progress

Okay, lets talk about the website first: One week has pasted by and the only updates for the site are that I changed the "Home page" text and changed the image. (The logo changed up top but that was a mistake that I have been meaning to correct.) At least I updated something. I have been trying to make new pages and learn CSS at the same time but I am not getting very far. So for going forward I am going to concentrate on making one page at a time and at the very least getting one photo/drawing online. This space looks boring so maybe I will put it on this page. Hmm?

The delay was not entirely unprepared for. Another few Octobers and it will be thirty revolutions have been completed around the star. Thirty. It is hard to believe. I see kids who are just being kids and I think "How can I get to be that free again?". The answer usually is "Win the lotto" but I don't play. Well, I don't play that often. "Dollar and a dream right". Anyway, for my birthday I treated myself to a skateboard. Save me! I am going through a mid-life crisis well before mid-life. I think the reason that I bought it has more to do with the fact that it reminded me of my childhood than anything else. I rode it the first day and I felt elated. Like I did not have a care in the world. But I knew/know I am not a kid anymore because my body easily got tired and sweaty. And then I almost flew into on coming traffic. (I can't remember how to slow down or stop.) Then later I fell off while trying to ride over a manhole cover. Carved up my hands with small pieces of glass real nice too. The strange thing was I smiled.

As I lay on the ground the only thought that went through my head was "That was great!". I knew I fell. The concrete and the people laughing on the sidewalk confirmed it. So, what? This was not unexpected. I knew it would happen eventually. Maybe not so soon, but I rode the damn thing anyway. The reason I was satisfied was because I knew something "bad" would happen (or that it would be hard) and I am going to get up and do it again and again. I forgot what that felt like. It is a great feeling.