Maybe it's me

A few days after that last post I attempted to gain entry to a bar/lounge/restaurant, or whatever they want to call it, over in Chelsea. My thinking is that no one is going to give a hard time to a young thirsty man with cash. I should have known better when I saw the velvet rope. After watching five people of "advanced" years walk in (no waiting on line by the way) I figured I would be in in no time. I don't know when I began to doubt myself. It could be when the 5 girls BEHIND me walked to the front and showed some clevage or when the doorman in the suit looked at my sneakers. Something tells me if I called to my friend inside or if I was with serveral girls I would have found out if the party was good.
Anyway, I did this image a while ago in charcol. It was done quickly and with aggression. It would describe the mood now.
If you haven't noticed I also put some old drawings on the site.