Tree hugger

So towards the end of last winter I purchased a snowboard. A 05/06 Ride Fleetwood. Size 158 I think. I can't remember who the artist is. Ashley Wood I think. This board is my first so of course I am proud. How does it feel on the mountain? Don't know because after I buy it we have a string of warm weather for every weekend afterward. Horrible right?
Now I know from year to year the season is always going to vary but the whole situation got me thinking more and more about global warming. Not to say that I never paid attention to it but I think I am like a lot of other people in this regard. It is in the back of our heads. When some one mentions the term we have an understanding but no real focus. I want to change that. My old room mate and this whole website project I am going to use as my inspiration for this change.
Last week I ended up getting "An Inconvenient Truth". It didn't speak about anything that people have not already heard but it did put the whole idea in front of you at one time. Now I recycle and try to conserve waste but nothing more than that. After looking into things I now realize more and more of the everyday things I do that contribute to wasted energy. And how much of waste is generated.
Check out the "What can you do" section of their website when you get a chance, It is worth the look.