Ask and you shall receive

Guess what? Apparently last night it snowed. I thought the radio was lying but when I looked out the window I saw a light dusting on the roofs and trees. Amazing. I spoke too soon with the last post. Tonight while eating dinner I watched as snow fell on Jersey City and smiled when I tried to remember where I put that blue snow suit with the red stripe (If you think that is bad you should see me in my "footie" pajamas. I know you remember those).
Hopefully the seasons will get back to "normal" in the next 5 years. I read that people looking to pressure the government into carbon emission reduction might win a potential victory soon. Check this Companies and environmental groups have banded together to propose talks with the Bush administration over American policies toward global warming. Now I can't tell you what exactly the Kyoto Protocols call for, or how exactly carbon trading works but I can say that steps toward a better tomorrow is a good step.
Oh and I think I forgot to mention but I used my snowboard finally. I handles so well and the best part....NO WAITING FOR RENTALS. Just unpack the car and jump on the mountain. It was sweet. Now we, the girlfriend and I, have a trip planned for Tahoe soon. I am so stoked.