i'm treading water with 30lb weights strapped to the spare tire that i use to call a waist
what a waste, a shame
i had dreams of growing up, growing old, getting bold, living life with high class wine spilling out of my mouth
i have dreams of more time to my day and yet i don't get my fat ass off the couch
oh lord, look at me now
"Wow" is what i say when i seen those scenes i saw on last nights Globe Trekker
"I wish" is what i mean because someone else's life is so much better
"Been there" is what i should think because i know i like the little pleasures
"I screwed up" is what i did cause i never planned for sunny days, let alone bad and rainy weather
so i'm lay here watching the idiot box as more of my self's severed soul is swallowed and slowly shredded