Something's Missing

When I was a kid I remember my ugly one piece blue winter suit. It had the little detachable hood, hooks for my mittens, the zipper that ran from stem to throat next to the red stripe. I remember trying to help my dad shovel the drive way all the while not doing that much work as play. Playing during winter time remember that?
Last week I debated about putting on shorts. I thought about skating in the park. My girlfriend even questioned wearing sandals. During the week it was the opposite. I had a scarf and gloves on. I seriously thought about wearing thermal underwear.
People on the street call it Global Warming. Weather people on TV say its El Nino and a unusal jet stream pattern. I just say its fucking weird. Honestly in the 27 years I have alive I cannot remember a winter when it was not there, at least once. Sure it may have melted quickly or maybe there wasn't as much as possible but it came.
The other day I am pretty sure I caught a glimpse of it. A few lonely little flakes that melted before it even touched the ground.
I over heard some people saying they were happy. They didn't have to clean off their cars, and they could wear shorts. In a few months you'll see them questioning why its SO hot and complain about the drought. Afterall, if it is this hot in winter wait until summer. That is when the real fun will begin. Save your water.