They are Sofa King Idiotic

have you an opinion yet on the whole Boston Light Party yet? me. i am torn. on one hand i can understand the authorities reaction to strange, blinking, objects stuck in odd locations of their city. its odd and their is no doubt about that. however, i can also understand the "marketing" aspect of the inidividuals hired by Turner broadcasting. which side is correct? ultimately it is neither.
one person sees a 8 IN by 11 IN piece of metal with blinking lights in a shape, wires and a thick metal base and they think, "hmm that is odd? maybe i should mention it to the cops. i wonder what it is for?". a person (lets say a immature blogger like, oh lets say, me) sees the same thing and thinks "hey thats from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. lets take it and show my friends. but i wonder what it is for?" both responses are ordinary for the person who is looking at it. the difference is that one person recognized lights and an image and another recognized the character. but both had no idea what it was for. what is the point of the ad? what are you trying to convey?
grassroots campaigning can work if done right, to the right audience and in the right location. just look at or the you tube girl/woman. this attempt can be argued as just BAD advertising. if it had a date, a phrase, a motto then i would be curious and go looking for more information. i think any reasonable person would too (if they were bored enough and remember what it was they saw).
if you caught the cable news channels you would have seen ample coverage of what the police were doing and understand how they would feel upon learning of the Ads attempt. as i understand it the mayor and other officials want to press charges that carries jail time and fees. the charges are related to inciting panic and fear by using a device that is similar to a bomb. (although, from what some of the news reports have said no citizen was panicked but the police were aware of “other activity” that place them in a alert frame of mind). my feeling is that the change should be related to graffitti. vandalism pure and simple. that case the city can win and prove themselves in the right. and that is what this is all about is it? saving face.