Back from a much needed vacation

i am tired now (jet lag or something) but I will make this a quickie....
1) Definitive Jux has a free "album" on Okay it is not an album per se but it is new music so check it. Also if you haven't already you can download other free music or play games there as well.

2) Vacation is one of the greatest things ever invented. I recommend everyone try it sometime.

3) Free WiFi is the shiznit. It is the next best thing to vacation, and free music.
4) 300 comes out this weekend. (3/6/2007: I was wrong this comes out next weekend)

5) If you are in NYC this weekend:
Engineers Without Borders, New York Chapter presents
Concert for Cambodia

Saturday, March 10 at Fontana's, 105 Eldridge St,
on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Doors open at 8PM; minimum donation at the door is $10.

Zigmat - Pop/electro/funk

Inflowential - North Cackalacka Hip Hop
Meta and the Cornerstones - http://www.myspacecom/metaandthecornerstones Reggae

DJ Lechuga -
Latino Lettuce
Proceeds will help EWB-NY complete the Balang Dam project.


Catherine said…
I wish do you write more about your girlfriend. She sounds like a very lovely lady.