Harvey's at Lake Tahoe

What a world? Where else can you gamble and snowboard in the same day? Lake Tahoe was cool. We stayed at Heavenly Mountain at a place called Harvey’s. It was bigger than the Orchard Garden but did not have a refrigerator or free wi-fi. We lost money there but I know once we got to Vegas we would win it back. Both she and I love to eat, or so we thought. We ate at the local bar for lunch. I guess it was supposed to be Tahoe’s version of Coyote Ugly but more corporate (at least until I got to Vegas). Thank god we only went during the slow time at lunch. For some reason we went to a steak dinner still. I honestly thought I was going to throw up.

The next day we hit the slopes. I have heard of riding Gondolas to the slopes and always thought they took you to the very top. Nah, no such luck. They only take you to the mountain so you can then get to the slopes. But that was not such a bad thing. I am glad she forces me to do things I would not normally do. We went immediately to the top.

The views are tremendous. I could see the lush green valleys of California and the parched desert of Nevada. Had I not been so impatient to ride (or so cold) I would have taken picture after picture.

The powder was better than average. (I say that now only cause of what I experienced at Mammoth Lakes.) My board handled well. Compared to Jersey and New York it was preferable. Possibly even superior. A few more trips and the board will be paid for.

By the way I still need to exercise….To be continued.