On the way to Lake Tahoe

After a short detour, to find a way to listen to our Ipods while in the car, we were on our way. I think the very idea of traveling for an extended period of time with just us and unfamiliar airwaves filled both she and I with dread. (The Ipod may very well be a epitome of consumerism but if you want something to fill up time it is very handy.) For example, have you ever heard of the term "Ghost Riding"? I didn't until I heard the San Franciscan airwaves. My friend out there explained it to me. Apparently, you let the car creep forward while you and your other passengers jump out of the STILL MOVING car and run around it. Then hop back in and drive on your merry way. The very concept makes me shudder at the very recollection of what my friends and I used to do to keep us entertained when we were young.
Anyway we are leaving San Francisco with our brand new FM transmitter and Ipod playing laughing at our trip so far. It was beautiful and kind of disturbing at the same time. While in San Fran proper my girlfriend and I worried that we would not see a Best Buy, Circuit City or the like. The suburban landscape was littered with them along with McDonald's and most of the familiar chain stores. It is amazing how you can go from one coast to another and feel as if you are still in the same spot.

Passing suburbia and approaching the Sierras. A sight to behold. Snow capped cover mountains, plant life changing as the temperature gets colder. As we drove further and further into the mountains I began to worry at the lack of snow. I thought to myself here we are thousands of miles away from home and still we can't use our skis and snowboard. I am glad I was wrong. Driving over and through the mountains was moving but seeing the lake at Lake Tahoe was inspiring. Crisp blue water surrounded by snow capped mountains....To be continued.