Road to Las Vegas

Leaving Mammoth we began heading toward Death Valley. Again the difference between one side of the mountain chain and the other. Green everywhere as you cross from California then nothing but rocks, dirt, and tumbleweeds. I felt like I was in a western. Seriously some of the towns we past was close to what I picture Deadwood or the OK Corral looking like. Also those horror movies where someone traveling on a empty stretch of road has to stay at some scary ass motel because the roads are closed are true. Sorry if you live there and take offense but DAMN. We drove for close to 45 minutes to an hour (gas tanking getting lower and lower) before seeing signs of closed roads. The whole concept of a survival kit in your car is no joke.
The drive was uneventful (except for the detour). I am really glad I got to do it, especially with her. My girlfriend had already made a ride from Vegas to San Fran before so it was just more of the same to her. I did not tell her but, for me, I have always wanted to make a trip cross country with my girlfriend. I guess this will be as close as I come because she does not strike me as the type to "journey". Not a bad thing know...when you have a vision in your head and it does not turn out like you pictured. Maybe one day we will. See more of the country. I used to imagine driving to the other coast and then hop on a boat and continue on. I am getting to old for that though. Maybe one day. For now this trip will have to do.
Death Valley was not exactly something I would call a "scenic vacation spot". Hell the name says it all. I could imagine settlers looking out over the landscape and thinking "I should have stayed in Ohio". The only thing that would have made the trip complete is a skull on the side of the road. The good thing was that it was no where near as hot as I imagined it would be. Then again it was February.
After driving awhile and seeing a rest stop and tourists taking pictures on the side of the road I realized that unless your walking this place the whole concept is lost. Anyway the ride was uneventful after that. I saw a Supermax prison though. Complete with a sign on the side of the highway that says "Do not pick up hitchhikers". Oh yeah and I saw the region of Area 51. Oppps, I mean Testing Area (that is what it says on the map). My girlfriend just rolls her eyes when I begin talking about this type of crap. Imagine being in a car with me while I look over the sky's for the new stealth bomber (Its supposed to be stealth, and I try to look). Well those are the highlights. After a few hours in the car I cannot wait for Vegas. Every time I have visited I have won money. I had a vision of me pulling up to the hotel and seeing that one slot machine that was just waiting to payoff. Viva Las Frickin' Vegas.....To be continued.