San Francisco

So I was away for vacation for 10 days. Like I said previously, vacation is the best thing in the world. I highly recommend everyone taking one. After planning and planning where to go, my girlfriend and I chose (Ok mostly my girlfriend but I had input too) to fly out west and then drive from location to location. We figure start in San Fran then drive to Lake Tahoe, then to Mammouth, then to Las Vegas for her birthday and I could gamble and make back most of the money I spent on the trip (rrriiiiggghhhtttt). Besides short road trip together how sweet right? (Hey on a map they look close to each other.) After all was said and done it was a great trip. I got some flicks, exercise, ideas for art and good food.
I have only been to California once before as a kid. Even then I was with my parents so how much fun could it have been. (A lot, now that I look back on it.)
I have never been to San Francisco and the only thing I know about the city is 1906 was a really bad year. After being there (for a short time mind you) I think the city is great. It was one of my reasons to say that "free wifi" is the way to go. But for some reason I thought that San Fran did not have that many hills. Everything looked flat from the air. (If you don't know you should visit some time. With me walking I got lapped by a 250, maybe 300 lb guy on a ten speed.)

We had a great time. Walking the hills, taking in the sites, and it didn't hurt that we were there during the weekend. EVERYONE is off during the weekend and so it looks better. What struck me was how the city (and this is just my impression) was geared toward recycling, biking, and a slower pace. But then again the day we arrived I felt like changing into shorts. It was a beautiful day.
We stayed at Orchard Garden Hotel. It’s a "green" hotel. SMALL rooms but we didn’t stay in often. (Hopefully that helped to offset some of the carbon emissions for the trip but I doubt it.) Positioned close to
Union Square, and right next to China Town, and so it was close to the sights and transportation. By foot and Cable Car I got to see Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Union Square, China Town, Fisherman’s, and Alcatraz. She wanted to go to China Town and see the sights, buy a few things for her family, and get some food (something about a Chinese person liking authentic Chinese food. I like General Tso's but she just yells at me). After we just kept walking through the area. It was a great day just shopping and wandering together. I do not do enough of it at home.
Some friends of mine moved out there last year and I have not had a chance to speak with them in awhile and so seeing them was great. Hopefully, it also gave them something to do while they are out there. Being brand new to that coast they brought my girlfriend and I to see the sights we could not see by foot. We traveled to the other side of the Golden Gate and had some wine in Saulsolito, tapas in the Mission District, and food and beer in Haight-Asbury. Beautiful views, and good food.
We only spent a couple days there before we drove out but I am happy I got to have my chowder from Fisherman’s Wharf, my burger from In and Out (did you know they have a “hidden” menu? I didn’t until I got to Vegas) and a grilled fish taco (I am not going back to ground beef ever). All this "fast food" and still I walked more than I ever would have back home. Having my girlfriend with me probably got me doing more things than I ever would have done by myself. Looking back spending three days there instead on two would have been nice but it probably would have ruined the rest of the be continued.