Searching for a little green fairy

Show recently I spent a Friday evening looking for Absinthe, choosing vodka instead, talking and eating with friends under the stars, watching a man juggle knives on a pogo stick, a woman play a kazoo with her crotch (I still swear it was pre recorded but I feel when a woman pulls down her underwear in front of you you should give her the benefit of the doubt), puppet sex, a drag queen sing gospel and much more. It was interesting to say the least. The show was/is called “Absinthe”.

I won’t say fun because to be honest with you last year was better. But then again last year was my first time. You’re supposed to remember your first time right. Well I have to say I thoroughly enjoy fetish, adult, circus. Last year was better because I watched a man/woman (pretty sure it was a woman) swallow a lit cigar, Carmine O’Sullivan sing Tom Waits and Jacques Brel sexier than they could, and jealously watched a man swing from a rope out of a bath tub. Next year I definitely recommend taken a trip down to the Spiegletent down at the South Street Seaport when Spiegle World returns.

Anyway, probably because of the above said man in a tub (and another that was there this year. Also you should have seen these trapeze woman moved, pulled and pushed themselves. I am a weak bitch.). I have made a vow to not shave any of my hair until I have reached 185lbs. And I mean any of it. This is going to drive me nuts. I really hate hair but that’s why I figured it would be a great incentive. Try it with anything you want to do. See how fast you'll achieve it. So far in the couple of weeks that I have started this I have lost seven pounds. Would have been more but I keep on messing up during the weekend. Hopefully this will be a quick couple of weeks.

The real problem is that I really want to be 170lbs. This is going to be so much fun.