Day 2-3: Hilo and Maui

Yesterday Mom and I went to see the extinct volcanoes. Interesting but if you have been to desert than you’ve seen the volcano. Again it was nice but flying overhead in a helicopter would have been better. Especially if you think you are going to see lava. I want to see lava. I think its part of that stereotype thing. Its the Hawaiian islands. They were formed by lava. I should expect to see some right? Oh well at $200 a ticket I can just buy a postcard. I am starting to remember an earthquake a few months ago. Apparently the flow shifted and now they let no one walk out to see it.

Last night was some of the roughest seas I think I have ever been on without a storm. I am pretty sure that a storm was somewhere near but at night the sea looks the same as the horizon. Blackish grey. The only reason I knew it was cloudy is because I could see any stars. It was ridiculously bumpy at the front of the ship. Oh yeah I haven't mentioned it but my mom went all out for this room. I guess she wanted to travel in style and got a bit of a deal out of it. I have to sleep on a roll out cot but hey who is complaining. I am in Hawaii. Anyway the room is in the front of the ship, Pride of America. We have a huge deck with its own hot tub. Her room is larger than my bedroom at home, living area, and it comes with a dining area and coffee maker. The crapper is even separated from the shower and the bathtub. Thats classy.

Today was the day that I have been looking forward to ever since we decided to plan this trip. A few months of looking forward to getting my butt handed to me by the ocean. Today was the day that I surf in Maui. Lahaina, which is on the shores of West Maui to be exact. 30 to 45 minute drive away from the port but just as fun and strenuous as my experience in Coco Beach. I know I will be sore tomorrow and the day after but it was well worth it. I even bought the pictures for it just to prove it to everyone that I did stand up at least once. In the few hours I was there I must have actually gotten on the board three times. Maybe? And if I weren’t so out of shape I would still be there. This will be true incentive for losing weight. I loved it though. I am definitely saving up for a board. The tricky part will be convincing my girlfriend to do it with me.