Days 1: Hawaii Mall Search

So on the way in last night I broke my moms luggage. Subconsciously I think because I always wanted to get her a bright pink large case. No joke but she said that it might be a good idea seeing that all luggage bags look alike. No one wants the ugly bag. I wonder why?

The beginning of my first full day and I am already up and navigating my way to the mall. No directions for me because I am a real man. (Dumbass.)
In my 30 minute walk have already found 2 7-11’s, a subway, several restaurants that I want to try when I get back, a liquor store and 3 strip clubs. I really could have stayed in NYC for this. Plus what is it about a black man in a store that makes people (usually Caucasian but on some occasions it varies) think that I work in the mall. Seriously I was approached by people FROM the island and the mainland about where certain store were. And just to give you an idea of how out of place I am there was once a statistic I read that black people make up less than 30% of ALL of the islands population. It was like I was in asia or china town only everyone thought I worked there. Felt like a giant too. This must be what it feels like to visit Japan.

On the way back (after getting lost but realistically finding a quicker way back to the hotel. Directions are important apparently) I found another liquor store, McDonalds, another Subway, and another Starbucks (I really got to look into these franchises. Left NWK which had the Mickey D’s and the Startbucks and both of them were filled with people trying to get their fix. I tell you watching people ready to get on a plane trying to get their peppermint mocha what the hell just to get off and running for a cold frappa-crap. I should not lie. It is tasty in that “oh my god I need a cup of sugar with my milk” sort of way.) BUT I still have not seen any of those grass coconut covered natives with my lai. Damn I gotta stop that.