Rain, Rain

So the last few days of the cruise were just like the others. Rain, and more rain. We actually went to an island that gets the most rain and received the least amount while there. Everyone who works aboard the ship kept commenting on how weird it was to have so many storms. I keep on thinking that we just run into the same storm over and over. Apparently the waves were so bad that it knocked out the power. No one really noticed because it was at 2 in the morning though. I don't mind. I haven't been rocked to sleep in 26 years. And I hear in Jersey/New York its freezing. Doesn't seem so bad now.

The last days were spent lounging around and laughing it up with mom. The cruise did not feel that long though. Maybe I am just jaded by my previous trips. The first day on land was good. Nothing but sun. After taking a stroll down Waikiki beach I can see why locals hate this area. Its kind of like 5th ave shopping or SOHO with some of Time Square mixed in. Malls, fast food joints, homeless. Its like I never left home.

I did stop to watch the surfers too. Also as luck would have it The Triple Crown tourney is happening now up on the North Shore. I have already started scouting maps to find the quickest way there. We will probably rent a car. While I am here I am going to find a spot that I like and rent a board. The sea doesn't look as rough as the other islands so thats a plus.
We spent most of yesterday lounging in the pool. I tried to lay out in the sun and drink away the vision of some old man changing into his dry clothes (It was just wrong). Mom and I tried to decipher why there are so many ABC stores around. You can literally stop on one corner and count the number of stores you see. One corner had 5. The amount in one are is like Starbucks on crack (by the way I have seen a few of those close to each other here too). In the south the ABC stores are government run and are set up in the "poorer" areas. If you have not seen them they are like 7-11's. They sell snacks, drinks, liquor, clothes, cigars, film, trinkets. The difference here is that the liquor sold is meant for the tourists (and those homeless people on the beach). I am convinced that they are government run. There is no way that zoning would allow this many in one area if it wasn't.

This is the first chance that I have gotten to load photos too.