Happy New Year to All

Another New Year to celebrate. I say that not only because its Chinese New Year but also for the western New Year since I have not made an entry since Hawaii. Ah Hawaii....has it been two months since I last knew your touching grace....ahem. Its..uh...been awhile. Lets see: 1) I vowed that I was not going to cut my hair until I reach 170lbs, that failed. Hair is now shaved and I am 198 (I was 204 last week. Thank you very much South Beach diet). The girlfriend was stingy with the affection until I shaved. Ok it was a weak moment but even my mother said I should seriously think about a cut. 2) I want to go surfing. 3) I want to go surfing in Hawaii. I really miss the islands. Heard there were serious floods recently. 4) The weather is SERIOUSLY f'd. My girlfriends mother is in China and they are getting hit with the worse weather. Hell, Baghdad even got snow not to long ago. Brings the phrase "A snow balls chance in hell" to mind. 5) We are close to having either the first woman president, or the first black president in US history. Never thought I would live to see that. 6) Its 2008. That about covers it.
I have been spending that last few weeks gathering my thoughts and spending time with friends and family. What I have come up with it this....I really need to make it change in the way I have been doing things. Just coasting is not cutting it anymore. To that end I am going to start concentrating on art projects (I have a good one coming. Its called the Naked Project as of now.) and the site more often. I have already started on the whole healthy cooking thing (good bye McDonalds. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.) I have to paint my Munny. Get my finances in order. And I am going to start making some additional changes but more on that later.
Oh by the way....New York real estate sucks if you don't make 100gs a year and don't want to live in a small crappy apartment.