Calmed down but not much

So its been a couple of weeks and I am feeling better about this whole situation. I do have to say it has made me very jaded. For example, as I ride on the train I look at every women with a kid and ask myself is that the one. Silly because my accuser is from Jersey. Actually I should clarify that I have no idea how my name was chosen as the defendant. After speaking with representatives at the court I have found that it is really the Welfare office that is bringing me to court. The concept of innocent until proven guilty is a myth in certain cases such as mine. I have to take a day off of work to travel to another state to wait to be called for a court case to prove my innocence to a judge, and welfare lawyer but they whole thing could be solved by just showing a picture of me to her and her to me at less cost. Okay maybe I am still peeved at this thing but can you blame me. I think I am going to petition my senator for legislation that declares: except for criminal circumstances, if you do not know the full name, phone number and address of the man you slept with upon meeting for the first time automatically declares any child forth coming the result of an immaculate conception. As such you shall not bother some other guy in an effort of finding the said ghost father. I should be able to get that passed right?