My bad

I fucked up. As much as I have talked about girlfriends parents, taxi drives, and others assuming something about me I have, hypocritically, done it to this woman, or the plaintiff as I know her. I assumed I know the whole story based on virtually nothing presented to me. Frankly on less than nothing. That is me doing the same thing that has been done to me and I am trying to be better than that.
You know who I should be mad at: The Welfare Office of NJ. Did I mention that this was all started by them on behalf of the plaintiff? Sure it was my "wanna be not gonna be never has been" baby mama who started this but realistically it was the Office that has instigated it. Why? Apparently they have an office dedicated to this. How do they track down "non complicit" fathers? Well apparently the more information on the "donor" you have the better. The office then has the ability to review all of the information provided by your NJ employer. Name, Social, current address for your paycheck. Part of a law enacted allowed them the ability to do this. In addition since they are part of "the state" they probably have acessed to your income tax information and court cases. Once they track down the person of interest they issure a court summons to take your money. Oh yeah during this court session you are allowed the opportunity to meet your accuser. Which in the sense of court justice is what America is all about....the accused allowed to confront their accuser.
Now you'll notice a flaw in this whole genius system. Well one of many flaws. #1 They automatically believe the accuser. Not in the sense of a defiled Hestian virgin but I mean the get a name, address, employer and suddenly they are Columbo (granted they do ask for more info but honestly are these questions you typically ask someone in a backseat. I am sorry I did it again.). Case is solved. Send them to court. Next case. Essentially you have to prove your innocence instead of them prove you guilty.
#2 (this is especially for a case like mine) Before going to court why not try showing a picture to me to her or her to me, tell me how old the kid is, date of conception, anything. What if I was in jail at the time? or I was out of the country? the other side of the country? We could solve this right now.
#3 To prove myself innocent if there was a dispute (and believe me there better not be) I have to provide a sample of DNA. Now admittedly I am a little paranoid but I am not that bad. However I was trying to keep most of me to myself. Personal and private.
Anyway whatever happened to that after school movie where the girl walks up to you and says "Its yours". And you had the chance to find out she was really sleeping with the whole football team. Ah high school memories. So its close to the court date and I am just can't wait to get this over with.


Michael Konrad said…
did you go to court already? what happened?