I kinda feel like Rocky

You know that scene in Rocky when he is running up the stairs. I kinda feel like that.
Its May and once again I have completed NY's 5boro bike tour. Well "completed" is perhaps too strong. Finished a large portion is a little more accurate. My girlfriend and I did 32 of the 42 miles. Thats gotta be worth something right? Especially since I didn't prepare for this. I know. I am really an idiot. You can get hurt doing this if you don't prepare properly.
You know what really saved my butt this year? Padded shorts. Those things are amazing. My girlfriend swears it feels like wearing a maxi-pad but damn if it didn't help. AND I only had to get off of my bike twice to walk up a hill. The plus side is that someone else in my group requested to walk and rest not me. Not this time, yes sir. Don't get me wrong I was more than happy to rest but I felt like I didn't need it. Plus we made better time this year (our friends made better but they had preparation).
All in all it was a good time but made me realize somethings. More than anything I realize that I am not out of shape because I am physically unfit. I am out of shape because I am a lazy ass. Seriously half way through the tour it occurred to me that I was not having that much trouble and I didn't train. So my body is capable. Then what was the problem? And like that every Thursday, Friday, Saturday (sometimes Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays) for the last few months (years really) came flooding back to me. Every time I would skip the gym for wing night, or cause I just "needed" a drink because my day was SO hard, or crap-donalds because I didn't feel like cooking. I made an active choice not to do something different. I have everything to do with my current situation.
I bet your saying to yourself "No shit". Well you could have let a brother know.
But honestly, self introspection is one of the hardest things a person can do. Deep down I know what I should have been doing. One problem: When I look in the mirror I am not upset with who I see. I don't want to have sculpted abs or anything like that. Never saw the point. However I do want to be healthier. Knowing that my Dad died of a heart attack or that many people develop heart disease over years of putting their body through mistreatment. That is what I am trying to avoid. But the problem lies in actually doing something about it. I know I am complaining about something that I have total control over but I am venting here.
With that said I am going to try and start doing something a close friend has done for years. I am going to try and ride my bike to work. Maybe not everyday but I think its past time for me to get some use out of it. (Seriously, I think I have ridden the thing once since last year. That and it collected dust. How the hell do you justify having dust on a bike that is in your hallway?) Good timing too because next week its "Bike to Work" week. Who's with me?
Oh and no news yet on the DNA/kid saga. I have check around and, with the exception of one person who knows a friend or a friend, I am the only one who this has happened to. The waiting for this to be over is whats getting to me. This really is purgatory. How long does this stuff take? CSI and Maury gets this stuff turned around in one show. Oh and thanks for everyone who suggested getting Mauryed. Seriously that was the first thought for a lot of people. Is he the only one that does this sort of thing?

Update: I forgot someone did recommend Springer as well.