So tomorrow's the day. or should i say today is the day (it is after 12). My girlfriend is going to join me this time around. My mom offered too but I declined. Funny last time they did as well. It is such a relief having them reassure me like they do. I know the outcome of this already but I still have all of the anxiety as if I don't. I have so many thoughts about whats happening that my mind is going in circles but the major one that keeps screwing with my head is this "How in the world did I get picked?". Another one is "Does my name show up on a birth certificate someplace that I don't know of?". Nowadays the idea of this happening makes me wonder how often does this happen? Does my name keep popping up in record someplace? Am I the victim of the sperm equivalent of identify theft? Is there a jar of me sitting in some fridge with someone playing a game of "whose life can we jack up today?" Seriously where does this end? Does the mother have the ability to appeal or since this was brought by the state do they have the ability to appeal? GOD I can't wait till this is done.