A sad day

Last night I am trying to catch up on my DVR and I come across a commercial that gave me pause. I was washing dishes at the time but from the moment I heard the sultry woman's voice and matching slow blues riff I had to watch. My mouth watered just at the sound of what she was suggesting I do. And her suggestion....Was to drink a new freaking type of juice! I am not even going to name the brand because I am just embarrassed. No not embarrassed. Shamed. But I don't know what I am ashamed more at, the fact that I got sucked into obvious commercialism crap describing exotic berries from England and the Amazon with the thought "I wonder what that tastes like. Hmm got to get that.", or the idea I got a sexual visual suggestion by a juice drink.

Anyway, I remember as a kid listening to make sure my parents were in bed before turning up the volume on the TV to listen to Geore Carlin. It was the equivalent of my parents listening to Red Foxx on a record player with head phones on. When I was young he made me laugh at the curse words and fart jokes. When I was in junior high school he made me laugh at the curse words, and the sexual references. As I got older he made me laugh at and examine where we are as a society. I may not have always agreed with his line of thinking but I was awed at his way of expressing himself intelligently and with silliness. Of course the curse words and fart jokes helped also.