August Rush

Where does the time go? Too many things going on and not enough time to talk about it. You ever sit down for a moment and think "Whew. When was the last time I had time for me". I hate to sound selfish but there is such a thing as personal time.
Anyway, last week Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes passed away. Most papers have called it unexpected but except for certain cases when is death expected. Some may say that is the only certainty so make the most out of life and that is what they did. With them, Carlin, and a few others I am starting to realize there is going to be more and more of these "stars" passing away. I cannot picture the next generation taking their place. Maybe I am just old fashioned.
The Olympics has begun. The opening ceremony looked good but I didn't see all of it. So I missed the fireworks with the digital effects or little Asian girl lip synching because Chinese government officials felt the other girl was ugly. Have we come to the point where big business, and government lie to us rather than admit that reality isn't as nice as it could be. What is next? Phelps testing positive for some new steroid/hormone and loses all of the awards he has won including the one he just won. His 8th gold medal of this Olympics. World record. whoopee. I just can't get into the games. I have yet to turn them on of my own free will.
Oh speaking of the games and lies have you heard about the Chinese "women's" gymnastics team. As a whole the term women, as far as this Olympics goes, should really be girls in a few, if not all cases. The age to compete is 16. Why 16? I have no idea. But a few on the Chinese team are under that. Other teams are trying to cause a fuss now that these little chicks kicked ass and took gold. Apparently, they feel if there is no grass then the girls should not be playing. Personally, I am impressed with any athlete at any age. But for these kids to be competing on an Olympic level then I am really in awe. They deseve the medal if the won over older more experienced people.
John Edwards declared he had an affair while running for nomination for office of the president. My reaction: big freaking deal. Sad to say but I am no longer suprised at my government officials having extra marital affairs. I mean really over the past few years there has been Spitzer, Paterson, Craig, McGreevy, Kilpatrick, Clinton. What I am waiting for story of a Clinton/Obama affair. Not Bill but Hillary, although with Bill may be even better. What I will be following with the Edwards story is the DNA test. He knows he slept with this chick so he better watch that test closely. I think she initially declined the testing. Someone better tell her that DNA testing is the only evidence the court recognizes.
Oh and speaking of DNA, what's this I hear that two of the brightest bulbs are announcing that they have a dead bigfoot in their hunting cooler. Do people (Chinese officials, cheating husbands, sore losers included) think these things through or just make it up as they go? To make matters worse news channels have aired these guys, and pictures of the local but dead "Montauk Monster".