The Sky is Falling

My company is up for sale. Shocker? Not really. They have even offered a serverance package "just in case" something happens during our shift to a new parent company. Honestly I figured it was a matter of time simply because of the down turn in the economy. How fast that down turn went to a free fall was the shocker though. I had read about some banks starting to fail out west but I would have never seen the big ones going. Brokerage firms collapse, insurance company gets, for all intents, nationalized. Oh wait, I am sorry, I mean rescued. America doesn't nationalize. One must use the proper terms so as not to incite panic or so the government keeps implying.

There are a few of things that tick me off about this whole thing:
1) People saw that there were problems a LONG time ago and no one in charge really listened. Ok sure those people did not predict everything that has happened but they did point out flaws. 2) Everyone is acting like they are surprised that this is happening. It happens every few years. Sure not horribly wrong or anything but it does happen. And if you really look at the history a BIG something happens every decade. People say that leaders should fix whatever is assumed to be broken AND then slowly over time those same fixes are either taken away or bypassed or ignored. Then the process repeats and people say "How did this happen".
3) "Regular" people are placed in a bad position because they haven't saved enough or planned ahead enough. They then ask for these so called leaders for help to make sure it gets fixed and rules to make sure it never gets broken again (see #2 for how this ends).
4) It takes our financial system collapsing and the mismanagement of the so called American Way of life to get the country to consider electing a person who is not 100% white (or have a penis, if Hillary was nominated).
5) I didn't remember my plan for this very thing happening. Obviously this pisses me off the most because I saw something bad happening for awhile and I did not prepare for it. I was supposed to saving up and just wait for the moment to jump back in at a lower price. I was going to be a young black Buffett. Instead I have bills and no savings to speak of while I watch the market offer up good deals on great companies.

Sorry I just needed to vent a little. On top of the market, and company being sold I have switch to a new position at work. Things are a little hecktic. *Sigh*

I should clarify #4 on the previous post. I don't mean the entire country. But lets face it there are large sections of this country that would probably never have voted for anyone other than McCain if not for a market collapse. Hell, any black man that gets endorsed by members of a racist organization (for reasons that just seem insane) you know things have gone a little sideways.