Start of the Election Night

Just got home from work/voting. Vote has been cast, beer bought, Johnnie Walker Blue open, and the news networks are on. The first thing I see as I sit down is CNN has a hologram on television. What the hell? That's it. The nights done. I can go to bed. I have seen history done. If it wasn't for the fact that I have not had a sip yet I would say I am drunk.

update 1: Almost to the half way mark with the Blue (it should be noted that I did not start brand new with this bottle but it wasn't that dented either). Ok, now to the networks: Most networks have projected Pennsylvania to be an Obama win. I can't say I am that surprised but it is nice to see it declared. That makes it about 100ish to 30ish. Good start but it ain't over till its over.

One thing I want to point out is that no matter who wins I am not really that sure of any major gain for us common people. Don't get me wrong a women as VP or a black man as P is HISTORIC. HISTORIC. But what really changes. Either candidate will need to show me something dramatic in terms of policy to have me feel elated over tonights results. Recap: Is that the economy is still f'd. Its been heading that way before this election season (looonnnngggg season) started. Energy independence (if you believe it can be done) has been talked about since Carter and very few gains have been made. The wealth gap has increased between rich and poor has increased and that is not just between western countries and developing nations but between Americans as well. Based on any said policies WHAT REALLY CHANGES?

update 2: It is 9:45 and if Obama takes Florida its over. If he doesn't then he probably still wins with California, Washington, and Oregon.

update 3: I see all these people down at Rockefeller and Times Square and I swear it isn't that warm outside but they are there. Makes me glad that I am in my pajamas with my glasses.

update 3: 11:00. Its over. They've announced it. Obama has won it. I have no words. Let's just enjoy it for now. Tomorrows another day. *Let me clarify: Now he is one of "them" and we should have to hold him to the standards we have set.*

update 4: Honking of the horns outside means everyone has heard. I should go to work naked tomorrow. I know that is what everybody has warned against but fuck it. Looking at the networks I see a lot of mixed people and networks announcers. New era people.

Uh oh. Something tells me reality just set in. Just heard the sirens moving up the block. Well it was good while it lasted. Tomorrow's a new day.

update 5: Lastly...someone is getting lucky tonight. : )