Christmas 2008

Ah, there is something about Christmas day. Waking up early, anticipation of seeing if Santa brought you what you asked for, seeing the faces of loved ones open gifts you've gotten them, family. What a day! Hope all my friends got what they wanted to.

I am so happy. Not only did I surprise my mom with her gift but I have been excited about mine (since I picked it out). Since I visit my mom's house regularly and usually for a whole day, if not overnight, I convinced her to pay part of a new guitar for me. This one is to be kept at her place. Ahhh... sweet.

2009 Mexican Made Midnight Wine Fender Telecaster. Ahhh. My girlfriend's going to be upset but it is all I wanted. Well that and some new clothes for my fat ass. (That's going to be a New Year's resolution by the way.)

Its been about 5, going on 6, months now since I started learning how to play. I sound really crappy but that is okay because I started out really shitty. A couple of chords, some strum patterns, 1st position in two scales, some Blues rhythm patterns. So that means I have improved right? Hey it may not be a recital but its only been 6 lessons so far. I have given up on trying to learn from a book and now have a teacher. Best decision so far. Its definitely much easier having someone show you the ropes. Now I am hopelessly addicted. When I am at home I try to get some practice in. When I am away I think about what it is I need to practice and try to picture it in my head.

I really should have learned a long time ago but as long as I am doing it now right? Helping to change my outlook/direction/goals in life. That was the point in starting this blog right?