Republica Dominicana

Ah the Dominican Republic. This is place is what I picture when I think of the Carribbean. Green, a little rain every day, the ocean, bugs, brown outs, and you can't drink the water. Ahhh.
Traveling with my mom this time. When I was a kid my family would take a vacation just about every year. They always wanted me to see another side of life than just Jersey. Glad they did that because I have gotten used to this.
The place we are staying at is called Coconut Palms. Its not an all inclusive resort but its not bad. I am still trying to figure out though what the sign above the toilet means..."Please don't put paper in the toilet". Let me point out that there are only towels and toilet paper in the bathroom. Do they mean toilet paper as "paper" or do they mean napkins, of which there are none? Since this place has a kitchen in the room I assume they mean napkins but just in case I have been wrapping presents in a plastic bag and leaving them in the garbage. Hey if they want to be mysterious then I will be mysterious too.
There is no glass in the windows so all the pleasant sounds of nature can be heard all day and night. From the bar outside the room that plays reggaeton and techno hits, drunk guests, to the roosters and dogs. Oh and pet a dog by the beach here and you made a friend for life. Don't get too attached to whatever your watching because sooner than later a brown out will cut off the power. (And my girlfriend laughed at me when I want to pack a flashlight.)
Foods pretty good. There are signs saying more restaurants are in town but no need to check them out.
Speaking of town there are two. The resort is located in between Sosua and Caberete. The hotel recommends Caberete as more "family" oriented. But for the young men you can go to Sosua for the hookers. Doesn't shock me but the hotel manager says there is a bit of sex tourism here. Caberete has the casino though. Its amazing that either in AC or DR I still can't win on the slot machines. Ok daylights burning.

Pics later because the router here is not the greatest.