So what did you get for Secret Santa?

Ah, my friends know how to keep me entertained. But when the packages read "Grows up to 6 times its original size" you have to remember two things .... 1) When using a products results may vary...and 2) Guys just like other things it is not as big as you may imagine.

Now the first day I tried this I have no idea why I placed her in my bathroom sink. Maybe if I stopped taking her out of water she might have grown to be 8 inches tall instead of 6. Either way it still falls short of "6 times its original size".

After two days I think she has grown........ By the way I also got a t-shirt that plays music, and sound clips. I can load music too. Has a speaker on the front and everything. I am thinking of adding the theme from Shaft. Which one do you think the girlfriend is more annoyed at?

By day 4 I can definitely tell she is...ahem...developing. Who thinks of this stuff? People who know guys like me giggle at this stuff.

Ooooo.... Day 5 I notice someone has gotten taller.

By day 6 I its just like a real relationship. I want to put her on display and let everyone look at her. Sigh...maybe my friend who got "the anatomical organ" that grows in water is a bit more excited by now. Eww...Merry Christmas from those who try to make your life never boring, aka dear friends and drunkards. Thanks guys.

PS...My girlfriend says I now have to get permission to hang out with y'all.