A few weeks ago it was Mexico. This week it’s the Dominican Republic. Ah…Life is Hard. Honestly, I really need to come with a way to afford this all the time. Probably would be better if I learned the Spanish language. You’d think 8+ years of language classes would have prepared me better.
Mexico was fun. It was vacation/friend’s wedding. Frankly it wasn’t long enough. Maybe it was it felt like Vegas a little. But sadly Cancun has essentially become the new Florida (or California). Palm trees, McDonalds, Domino’s, and American corporate bars. I swear I saw a Friday’s. Hotels on one side and strip malls with fast food joints on the other. Is that what will happen to all the vacation spots around the world? Mansions, yachts, fast food, and people selling timeshares. Oh and the fun part of salesmen trying to get my attention by calling me Barack Obama. Great, equality at last.

The wedding was fun though. She had been planning it forever I hope she had fun. It was a beautiful place, Dreams Cancun, overlooking the water. We checked out Chichen Itza and swam in one of the cenotes. Picture a 70 foot hole with water in it (and fish that have evolved in without any outside help) that you can swim in. Next time I am going to use the life preserver. I am not as fit as I used to be.
They had the swim with the dolphins at the hotel but I didn’t do it. Felt bad for them. Food was alright. Mostly American fare but the guacomole was good. By the way if you go to Mexico remember to distinguish between guac and pico de gallo. There is a difference. Eat to much and it burns in and out, if you know what I mean. I am getting old because we were in bed by 10 every night. Is this what happens as you approach 30?

btw: because I am away I will add pictures later. sorry : (