Restringing the night away

Happy New Year's. A little belated unless you're thinking of Chinese New Year then I am early.

I have had my main guitar for awhile now and my teacher, from NYC Guitar School, pointed out that if I changed my strings periodically I should hear a world of difference. So today we are going to explore something brand new....restringing my guitar.

Doing this is just like doing other things for the first time. You take some time before hand and ask so friends who have done it before. You know, get some tips before the activity. Read some instructions so that your first time is an easy experience.

Your a little apprehensive at first because your new to this. Twisting, crimping, stretching, guiding. Your trying to remember everything you learned but doing something is much different than reading. However, you get
a rhythm going and things are starting to get easier.

Then once everything is in place and you think you have it. But before you can congratulate yourself.....POP! Something snaps. You were only tuning up and a string snapped before you could make any real sweet, beautiful music.

Look closely at the high E string. (At least I think its the high E.)

I really should learn more about this thing. But I am just starting to learn. Mostly doing blues stuff with rock mixed in. I settled on my main genre as blues, and blues rock, with a little rock thrown in for good measure. I have always listen to various types of music and blues (electric at the very least) always seemed to grab me and make me actually take notice. Maybe one day when I get better I will record something and upload it on here. Or youtube maybe? Everyone seems to post things on there.

Something tells me that the movie Notorious is going to do better than Cadillac Records did. Honestly, I don't know how to feel about that? Most people will probably know Biggie's story better and he, probably, does have more of a following currently that blues players do. Classic singers vs modern "singer"? Most of today's young people probably wouldn't even know how the classics are relevant to the music they listen to today.

Young people? JEEZ, am I really that old?