Good food, Expensive but Good

For my girlfriend's birthday we recently went to a place she saw on Top Chef on the food porn channel. (Porn. Food television. Playboy. Food Network. Same thing if you really look at it.) The place is called Le Bernardin. Seafood spot and expensive. Well more expensive than the place I wanted to take her but White Castle probably wouldn't have gone over as well. Anyway, just to be clear this was for her. Me? I am not a seafood kinda guy.
Looking online I am not really finding a meal that resembles a burger. But she has gotten me to be more adventurous with my eating so I can't complain that much. After eating there I don't have much to complain about. It was delicious. Even the worst thing I had still was good. I highly recommend for when the economy turns around.
So here is what was on my menu:
Carrot Cake
and they gave a "special dessert" for her birthday. Don't ask me what it was cause I can't remember due to the bottle of great wine we had. Sommelier was on point.
The staff was helpful and attentive. I didn't even tell them in advance that it was her birthday. I just casually mentioned it and dude came out with the dessert.
Yum. I really like food. I mean REALLY LIKE. But that reminds me... I have fallen off the diet wagon for a while now and its time to get back on. A couple of belt holes down still. What does that translate to? 12lbs down since the start of the year. Good start but I go 28 more to go.