The Crime Blotter: Recommended reading

So I have this thing I do every morning that's become a bit of a ritual. I turn on the computer and look up the crime blotter for the NY Post. To be honest I forgot how I started but I do remember being fascinated with the idea that media news presents the most dramatic crime(s) of the day and reports it as if that is all the crime that happened on that day. For instance I did not realize beforehand the number of bank robberies that happen on a weekly basis in New York City. Or how often they actually work. Or the number of assaults/robberies/stabbings/deaths/dead bodies that happen on a regular basis.

Any way it gives you idea of where "thugs" seem to be operating on a regular basis. Bars that seem to always have some type of trouble. That just because its daylight doesn't mean your any safer (which should be common sense). Or even which neighborhoods you should be very aware of if your looking to buy. (Seems that my current neighborhood probably isn't setting of fireworks at night.) If you live in NY, I highly recommend for a laugh in the morning or if you'll see your block.

*The blotter really picks and chooses events randomly. And usually a couple of days after the event occurs. I know of one shooting that brought out the cops in mass along with helicopters and shit. I remember I couldn't leave the building because they had latin and black guys lined up against the wall like it was a scene from OZ. Never made it to any news coverage.