So I had an interesting weekend....

Everyone this is Beck. Beck. BECK! Well he doesn't know his name yet but he is friendly (As long as you don't touch his toys. We are working on that one.).

I have wanted a dog since I was younger but for some reason some thing always convinced me not to. Parents, college, happy hour.... I have been searching for the last couple months at the local shelters, and North Shore Animal League but this weekend I just found him in Brooklyn.

My life has changed from now on.


Motoko said…
Cute! I'm still nervous around new doggies, but hopefully we'll warm up to each other :)

Can't wait to get back!
Motoko said…
I thought I left a comment earlier this week, but I guess not....

Your dearest wish comes true! Hope you guys are getting to know each other. I'm still scared of new doggies, but hopefully he'll become part of our crew in no time.

Let's all do something soon!