I need to move

I found a great way to lose weight. Get a dog, wake up with the sun every morning to walk it and get home from work and walk it. Guaranteed to lose 8 pounds in 3 weeks.

Its been 3 weeks already. I am not gonna lie its been hard. Being responsible for another individual is nerve racking. The only thing that has been relieving my stress has been when my girlfriend comes over. (Come to think of it she has always been able to do that.) However, one of the great things has been that I get to see how colorful my neighborhood really is. I need to move. I saw a fight in the middle of the avenue before 6am one morning. Some guy complaining that his friend was "a baby making a scene" because he hit him with his car. Meanwhile the "friend" is screaming in pain on the ground. The best is some guy came up to me the other day looking for the number to the police (he didn't speak english). He proceeded to describe (through a rousing game of charades) how he was just robbed a knife point. I really need to move.

So its probably gonna be either Queens or Brooklyn. Sigh. I had this idea in my head that I would buy in my neighborhood while the price is "cheap". I would stay for a few years and sell at a higher price once the white people move in. Excuse me more white people move in. The gentrification has been started already. Now with the recession things are just too sketchy. I can't have my girlfriend around this. To be honest that same feeling of responsibility and worry I also have with her too. But trying to afford a place that meets my requirements is slim. This entire city is over priced.