Way too long

Where do I begin?

There has been some happy stuff, some sad stuff, and everyday life. This thing is supposed to be cathartic right?

Everyday stuff first, I guess. I still have a job although there were a few layoffs this year. Work still is enjoyable but I wouldn't mind winning the lottery if you know what I mean. Beck is great and frustrating at the same time. We have been to dog classes which helped. He was top in the class. But then again there were only three dogs and one of them broke its leg so they dropped out. He will do anything for food so it wasn't that hard to get him to perform. I just have to keep practicing with him. Same with the guitar. I really should have started playing years ago. I am trying to figure out how to get better faster but that ain't happening anytime soon. Oh well I just need to have patience and practice as much as I can.

The happy stuff is...well..happy. I am proud to say that I am now three decades old. Leading up to it there was no really trepidation but now I am beginning to look at things differently. Honestly, I have really been trying to change some aspects of my life for awhile anyway so it isn't a big change but now its starting to really be different. I am really starting to appreciate fine food more and more. Been to a couple sea food place that have been amazing. Oh and I spent a couple days in New Orleans. It was nice to get away but I think I am officially too old to try and party down Bourbon St. Plus my Asia trip is coming up. I can't wait.

The bad. I haven't won the lottery. Trying to take care of the dog is making me neglect my girlfriend. I really have to balance that. But the big one is a friend of mine died recently. Suddenly. I knew her since I was in high school and its...there really are no words. Being at the wake was really just a sobering experience (actually every time I am at a wake it is). I am no longer young and carefree anymore.

I think during the next few weeks I am just going to really start examining my life. Where I am at and is it the right place for me. Introspection is always very humbling if you have been keeping your head in the sand.

Rest in peace Debbie. You will be missed.