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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What the F'?

The NY Post is arguably conservative leaning. Though some would dispute the idea it also comes off as stereotyping or even racist. An article I saw today just screams stereotype. Because of this I normally don't read any of the news in the Post (except for the Crime Blotter, gotta have the Blotter.) but this one caught my eye today.
"No One Is Safe From Tax Smack" on March 31st, 2009. On the surface another article that wants to bring to everyone's attention that the State has lied to us. When don't they?
Basically it says that because of recent tax legislation passed in Albany everyone will be affected in some way shape or form. The tax increase they lead us to believe was a hike for the rich people. But they failed to mention increases for items that everyone uses. Such as a cigarette hike, alcohol hike, taxi hike. Maybe a slight pain for some but for the most part no biggie right? The Post tries and make it as if Joe Public was swindled. "A family of four who makes $95k will pay $850 more" "A swinging single guy will pay $330 more". They even have a picture which describes this robbery.
Now here is where the offense occurs. Look at the explanation of their numbers:
The lower income family is black. Their expenses seem to be questionable. They drink 72 bottles of wine a year. No beer? Or what if they were a church going family and had no booze at all. I don't know of anyone in the city that has a fishing license. They purchase a lot of bottled water because the tap isn't good enough. Or they don't know that you can buy a Kool Aid and sugar for a couple of bucks and have a couple of pitchers of flavor vs paying for each bottle of non flavored water. (C'mon what black house you know that doesn't have grape or red Kool Aid. See that right there is a stereotype.) They own a car in NY city (on a pre tax $95k per year income).
The higher income family looks Latin so they get a pass for that. But they are described as well off. If you can afford rent in the city and taxi's and three kids and clothes that look like they came for the nice part of the Gap (not the casual cheap wear section (see the poor black family above)) you better be well off. They can afford private taxi's cause they don't have a car ($450k with three kids and Gap clothes). They don't fish but they sure do like them cigars. And they only polish off 35 bottles of wine a year. Probably the cheap stuff cause we are in a recession.
The swinging single guy is white smoking what seems to be a joint while drinking a Bud. Well as a 30 year old single guy in NYC I can say that his expense numbers seem correct. No tax increase on rolling papers I see. That beer thing is gonna hurt. But his income ain't like mine so fuck him.

Now is the description racist? It can be argued either way. But it is stereotypical and stereotypes don't allow for any exceptions.

The Crime Blotter: Recommended reading

So I have this thing I do every morning that's become a bit of a ritual. I turn on the computer and look up the crime blotter for the NY Post. To be honest I forgot how I started but I do remember being fascinated with the idea that media news presents the most dramatic crime(s) of the day and reports it as if that is all the crime that happened on that day. For instance I did not realize beforehand the number of bank robberies that happen on a weekly basis in New York City. Or how often they actually work. Or the number of assaults/robberies/stabbings/deaths/dead bodies that happen on a regular basis.

Any way it gives you idea of where "thugs" seem to be operating on a regular basis. Bars that seem to always have some type of trouble. That just because its daylight doesn't mean your any safer (which should be common sense). Or even which neighborhoods you should be very aware of if your looking to buy. (Seems that my current neighborhood probably isn't setting of fireworks at night.) If you live in NY, I highly recommend for a laugh in the morning or if you'll see your block.

*The blotter really picks and chooses events randomly. And usually a couple of days after the event occurs. I know of one shooting that brought out the cops in mass along with helicopters and shit. I remember I couldn't leave the building because they had latin and black guys lined up against the wall like it was a scene from OZ. Never made it to any news coverage.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Invasion of the Snakes

Did you know Florida is being invaded by pythons? How come I have not heard or seen any of this on the news?

Where did I hear about this? The Daily Show of all places. Has it really come to this? Fake news shows pass off real information.