Virginal idea

Off the hiatus.

Lots of stuff to get off my mind but first lets start with this: Does going to the bathroom at work disturb you? #2 for guys, and whenever for girls. Maybe not in the sense of "Oh my god. I will never do THAT here" but just in the idea that you are now sitting where another co-worker just finished doing their "business". I love my co-workers but there is love and then LOVE. My take on it is I have a willful ignorance of the whole matter. Just like a man and his girlfriend, I am the second guy that she has ever been with and that is that. And just like a man any evidence to the contrary shatters that illusion and the rest of my day is jacked. Here is the point: Why can't people clean up after themselves? ESPECIALLY in public settings. I am seriously disturbed by things people DON'T do after they do do what they do. I am tired of imagining armies of germs conducting a scorched earth policy on my ass (through a toilet condom. in 5 minutes they dig through the paper is my guess). Clean up people. Make it the stalls look like they were just opened. For God sakes flush three times if you have to. Just let me pretend that I can relax and play a good round of Solitaire with my Blackberry just like the guy two stalls over.

Ahhh, its good to write again.