New item: Stuff found in my girlfriends elevator

So I am in the process of moving in with my girlfriend (I will explain later) and have decided to begin putting in new entries to this blog entitled "Found in my girlfriend elevator". Below are three pictures of items that I have seen recently and can't for the life of me explain what is wrong with people. Enjoy.

An empty cup. Really? There is a trash can and a dumpster outside the building. Considering that this looks like it was brought in from outside I can only assume that you were on your way to someone's apartment. They don't have a trash can? You can use the Waste Disposal Chute right outside the elevator? Really? Jeez.

I know what your thinking. This could be liquid from a garbage bag (which would have been leaking since the apartment but someone would have cleaned that up right? Right?). However, considering the smell in the elevator I don't think its anything but urine. The question is, Human or not? Funny how the question is "if its human or not" and not "why the fuck is it in the elevator". To save time and space I will not picture and write about each time there is piss in the elevator (yes. thats right. i said EACH time.) Oh and its just a matter of time before I see fecal matter again (yes again. and again human or no).

This ones a real head scratcher: Multiple images of Cesar Millan strewn about the elevator. On each is permanent marker defacement. Each different and each showing some talent surprisingly. Why? I don't know. People just leave shit in the elevator.