Day 1

I am part of a competition at work for weight loss. 2 months to lose weight. Who ever loses the largest percentage wins. Dubbed "The Biggest Loser" (They should make a TV show like this). We are in the final stretch and like I have said before I am down but I don't think as much as some others. Time for extreme measures because money is on the line. Enter: Vibrant Cleanse. This powder drink mixture is just a form of the Master Cleanse Detox diet yada yada yada. Whatever. Essentially you are to drink this mix for 10 days and crap yourself silly to wash away all the toxins in your system. I ain't doing this for 10 days first off. That just silly. Second I just need to lose enough to win because the weight is just going to come back on after you fill your stomach back up. I am okay with that because with some luck and planning all the new food I eat will be healthier than my normal diet.

Starting out at 187. Yeah its up but its been BBQ/Free open bar kind of weekend.

***First drink taken at 11:45. First "elimination" started at 11:52. May this is a bad idea.

****Okay day is almost over with and everything I was expecting hasn't happened. I wonder if I am clogged? Kind of tired but no more so than usual. And its blazing hot out. Still. At 9pm.