Day 2 and 3

The experiment is over. I thought the post the I had written went through. Guess not.

Anyway, Day 2 and 3 went okay. The smell of food at work was other worldly. Intoxicating is the word I would use. I was salavating over a co-workers salad. But now that this little experiment is over and I can honestly say that the junk food snacking I do between meals (sometimes during meals) is really not necessary. Also, the diet fad that works for someone else doesn't always work for me. Slow and steady is better than starving myself. Although maybe I will try out that Pizza Diet.

**** So there were no "eliminations". At all. For two days. Two days. That can't be healthy. So the weight that I lost was strictly from not eating. In my opinion not worth the trouble.

**** Because there were no "eliminations" I choose to help the process along on the night of the 3 day by taking a "helpful dietary supplement". Still not the massive amount of toxic back up I was imagining to lay in my intestines. Cleaning the colon for detox purposes is a bunch know. These fad detox diets make a mint off of this stuff. It's ridiculous.

In the end (haha) though I am now at the lowest I have been in years. The new weight is 181. Now if I can just maintain or lose that I am gold. 165 here I come.

Downside I am starving and the food trucks are right outside. By the way, total loss is now 29 lbs down since my high. : )