First day of class

Signed up for Mandarin lessons. Shoulda been Cantonese but there isn't a lot of options. Correction there isn't a lot of reasonably priced options to choose from. Plus my girlfriends Grandmother recommended Mandarin anyway. Said it was more useful. Well, I was told she recommended Mandarin seeing as I can't really understand her. She speaks Cantonese. Which was part of the reason I was looking for a Cantonese class. After this I still won't be able to understand a thing she says. How did I get here again?
Traveling here sucked. I completely forgot why I hate the express train during rush hour. Spent 15 minutes warm humid cheek to warm humid cheek with a woman in tights or leggings or whatever they are called nowadays. Yes by "cheek to cheek" I mean our asses. And by "woman wearing tights" I don't mean she should have been wearing tights. God I hate confined spaces. Anywhere with a lot of people in a close area. There is this one area walking towards the WTC PATH train that during work mornings and evenings shuttles human cattle to and fro. I refer to it as "the Chute". Hate that area too.
So here I am class. Wanted to get here early just to get a sense of where everything is. Online and registration said we won't need passes to get to class. Mr. Security Guard says they lied. Things are getting off to a good start.
How do you say "pain in my ass" in Mandarin? That's the first question I am asking?

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