Totto Ramen for Lunch

Day off and got to finally taste the new ramen spot in mid town, Totto Ramen. My girlfriend and a friend went the other week and said it was delicious. For her is reminded her of Japan. Not as good as some of the stuff we had there but better than some places here. And he is cheap and actually did not mind paying more than $0.25 for a bowl.

Staff was friendly and helpful. Worked hard over the stove in a tight space.

It really was very tasty. So much so that this is definitely a "come to" spot from now on. I don't care how far it is.


I got the Semi Spicy ramen and she got the Miso. I now wish I could have eaten both. Plus we ordered the special, Ru-mushubi. Rice ball wrapped in seaweed with char-sui in the middle. Yummmm.

We got there before the place opened at 12 and there were already 5 people waiting. After signing and a short wait we got to have a seat and tuck in. The place got packed by 12:10 but it isn't that big to begin with. Quick lunch very little small talk and then we were out. Thhis was the line when we left at 12:30:

Mighty tasty.