Farting. Right now I am farting. In the middle of a TV shows after party. Somehow this particular act seems fitting as compared to the groups of people that I am mingling with tonight. Does it stink? No one notices cause they are crowded around whom ever they think can get them the most. Socialogical or otherwise. "Who likes who? Did I say the wrong thing?" Fuck you who the hell cares? Peons do, that's who. They fret and run to and fro (sometimes fast. depending on the who they suck up to). Did I mention that I am very drunk right now? I think that might give some context.
But serious, I am standing next to two people. One trying to appease the other (guy and a girl) by saying this happens all the time ( it doesn't). According to the guy there's inside beautiful and outside beautiful. But apparently the girl he's with is both. How coincidental. Is this what real life is like? Really? No wonder Jesus choose to get killed.